Our story

MouseEar emerged from the desire of two exceptional keyboardists, Artem Belogurov and Menno van Delft, to revitalise performance traditions of the past and to redefine the concert-going experience of the present. Tailor-made combinations of artists, repertoire, instruments, and venues lie at the core of the MouseEar vision. New music for early keyboards will be explored. The Curious Listener will be invited into novel spaces in and around Amsterdam - refurbished factories, historic homes, modern art galleries - where both established and emerging artists will present historical and new music for early keyboards in collaboration with literature, film, and dance, among other artistic traditions. These fusions will celebrate the electrifying intimacy of live performance, Amsterdam’s many identities, and the rich tradition of early music, forging a path for its continued development into the twenty-first century.

What’s in a name?

MouseEar is called after a particular style of damper used in 17th- and 18th century harpsichords, notably those by the renowned Ruckers family.