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for the curious listener

MouseEar aims to promote the rich and diverse repertoire for historical keyboard instruments such as harpsichord, clavichord, fortepiano and other more rarely heard instruments through presenting concerts, lectures, workshops and masterclasses given by established and young artists from around the world. These events take place in an array of venues, in and around Amsterdam - from small concert halls and churches to living rooms, galleries, museums and refurbished factories. Tailor-made and meticulously worked out combinations of artists, repertoire, instruments and venues lie at the core of MouseEar vision. Even though the main focus of the series is solo keyboard repertoire - old, recent and contemporary - the music is often presented in a chamber music setting or in combination with another art form, such as narration, poetry readings, video projections, wine tastings and gallery exhibitions. MouseEar concerts are for the curious listener, open to new formats, experimentation and broadening their musical horizons. The intimate scale of each event creates a more direct, immediate connection between the artist and the audience and creates an atmosphere where no detail is lost.